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Energy Healing

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What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing involves working with clients to facilitate their own healing. This healing can be physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual. 
I do this by assessing a client’s chakras and energy field in order to detect weakness, blocks and congestion. The work happens with my hands on or off the body, working through various energy fields.


Who can see a Energy Practitioner and why?

People seek energy treatment to speed up physical healing or to work on mental/emotional or spiritual issues. Some people use it in combination with western medicine or other alternative therapies.


Energy healing can bring a person to wholeness which can include a number of things: reducing pain, lowering stress, promoting surgical recovery, reducing inflammation, increasing immunity, just to name a few possibilities.

What happens during a session?

We start by sharing information and background. Energy fields are strongly affected by a person’s psychology; therefore a session may include discussing past and present stressors in your life, your health history, your relationships, and your belief system.


The work may also include work on the table. The client lies down and I place my hands either directly on the body or above. Depending on what is needed, I then clear, strengthen, and repair the body’s energy fields and chakras.


How many sessions will I need?

Typically a physical issue will take 1 to 3 sessions. Mental/emotional or spiritual issues take longer to process. In either situation, it is up to the client.

What are Ann's qualifications as an energy healer?

I graduated from Rukha® Academy, which is the first licensed energy program in the Midwest. It is a comprehensive, science based and holistic approach to healing. This two year professional program teaches the Rukha Methodtm, which is to address not only the symptoms but also the root cause of a problem. To do this allows for a permanent change and not just a temporary change.


I have completed two year standard studies program as well as the Masters Program. I continue to study with the founder of Rukha® Academy, Shelli Stanger Nelson.


For more information about the Rukha Methodtm please visit:


I have a B.A. in Psychology from Luther College.


“I came in a bit nervous about the meeting. Ann did a great job flipping those nerves and releasing them.

I am a new believer to energy healing. I feel like with Ann’s help, I was able to have greater spiritual experiences.

Ann lifted the fear and pain that my body was holding on to. She made it possible for me to begin accepting love and light.

                                               – A client from Pathways, A Healing Center

"Ann's extraordinary skills in energy work and her deeply nurturing massages make for utterly relaxing, calming, and for me, very spiritual experiences. These sessions have left me rejuvenated, peaceful and serene with a desire to hold and explore the experiences after leaving. Ann's artful questions before each session seem to enrich the depth of healing. Her total engagement and keen awareness creates a sense of safety and of truly divine nurturing.”

“We are extremely fortunate to have Ann's Fireside Healing in south Minneapolis. Rukha® energy work, massage and a combination of both provides for a unique experience, individualized to focus on your concerns and intrinsic energy. Ann's inherent gift for healing is evident in every moment of the session and its impact has wonderful long lasting effects.”

                                               – Cynthia N.

The highlight of the session was when the shooting pain in my elbow
went away!  Thank you!

                                               – A client from Pathways, A Healing Center

“I don't claim to understand how Energy Healing works, and I must confess to some skepticism when I had my first session. But I can't argue with the feeling of being cared for and rejuvenated that I experience after an energy appointment. Even if I don't feel particularly "unbalanced" beforehand, I invariably feel more "in balance" after a session. I would highly encourage anyone to give it a try - it's a great feeling!”

                                               – Karen W.



All bodies, all genders, all orientations welcome!

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