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Professional massage and energy work with a warm, intuitive touch.

Types of Massage

What to Expect



Each massage is custom-designed based on what you request and what your body needs.


RELAXATION MASSAGE - a gentle massage that promotes relaxation and improves circulation. This is also known as Swedish massage.


REHABILITATIVE MASSAGE - work in a specific area to reduce pain, scar tissue, and/or a muscle spasm. This usually means working deep in the tissue and may sometimes include Trigger Point Therapy.


STONE MASSAGE - a deeply relaxing massage that uses smooth, heated stones in combination with massage. The heat helps relax tight areas and enables a deeper massage. Please notify me at least 2 hours before massage to heat the stones.


CHAIR MASSAGE – a massage that focuses on the back, neck, shoulders and arms, while the client sits fully clothed in a special chair. Individual massages are usually 5 to 15 minutes long. Chair massage can be done at a business or outdoor setting. Ideal for parties or gatherings!



Before each massage we will discuss your health history and specific areas to be worked.


Clients undress and dress in private, to the level they are comfortable.


All linens are washed without scents or dyes.


Clients are draped with a sheet at all times.


Only the part of the body being worked on is uncovered.


Clients can choose to have music or silence. The client also controls how much talking is done during the massage.


If you have allergies to cats, be aware that three friendly and sometimes amusing cats live in the house; if requested, can be removed from the room during your session.

How many sessions will I need?

That is up to you, the important thing is that you listen to your body. Some people come in just when they’re hurting. Others feel the benefit of massage every month or every week, addressing issues before they become problems. It’s good to keep in mind that one session of massage is unlikely to “fix” problems that have been building up for weeks or months.


When should I NOT get massage?

If you are coming down with a cold or some other illness, it is best to not get a massage.  One of the things massage does is move the lymph system, which will make whatever sickness hit your system faster and harder.


What should I know before I arrive?

To get the massage you want, it’s best to communicate with the therapist about your level of comfort. I want to make sure the bolsters, blankets, music, and pressure is right so you can relax.


What kind of training does a massage therapist have? 
Do all massage therapists have this training?

Massage is not licensed in Minnesota. That means anyone can call themselves a massage therapist, so it’s important to ask where a therapist was trained and how
many hours their program consisted of. A reputable school is at least 500 hours.

I was trained at CenterPoint school of Massage and Shiatsu. I graduated from the massage program which is over 600 hours of training.


I ask that you arrive on time and do not use any strong fragrance beforehand
(perfume, smoke).


What else?

I am respectful of your boundaries, your time and your information. This is your  massage, so the focus is on you. I will be honest with you and if I think you would be helped by someone else, I will refer you to them.

"I have been getting massages at Fireside Healing for the past 6 years or so, and I always come away feeling renewed and refreshed.  Ann is excellent at focusing on areas that need extra attention , as well as providing a great general massage.  I am so pleased that I have given my family gift certificates as gifts!"

                                                                            – Mark K.


“I appreciate Ann's ability to help me understand what she's doing during a massage.  One time I complained of numbness at the very tips of two fingers on my right hand - due to repetitive stress in my work. Ann took the time to show me an anatomy book and explain why she would be working up on my shoulder instead of on my hand!  The results were remarkable - and so beneficial to me to be able to relax and accept the massage instead of wondering if she'd misunderstood my issue.”

“The setting of Fireside Massage is perfect for enabling me to relax and receive the full benefit of a massage. Just thinking about it reminds me I need to call and schedule my next appointment!”

                                                                            – Karen W.


"Ann has been doing her healing magic on my body for 7 years. She is able to relieve the pain caused by fibromyalgia, frequent falls and a lot of stress. Her massage has been even more magical since her education at Rukha® Academy, which seems to give her an ability to zero in on the area where work is needed. My daughter, to whom she also gives massage, says "With Ann, massage is a spiritual experience."

"Ann worked on my husband who had ALS. He eventually became a quadriplegic and unable to travel so she came to our house to work on him. She was able to relieve the tension created by his inability to move his body and help him relax right up to the night before he died. Our family is blessed to have Ann in our lives."

                                                                            – Catherine M.


"Ann wants me to receive the most value for my time with her. She asks specific questions about how my body feels and what I might need for my massage session.
Ann accommodates my special requests, such as a firm touch on my back to avoid feeling tickled. I experience relief from stress and fatigue after my massage sessions with Ann!"

                                                                            – Karen S.

All bodies, all genders, all orientations welcome!

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